Topshop: A women's clothing company within the Arcadia Group alongside Miss Selfridge, Topman, Burton and many other fashion retailers. The brand was once at the pinnacle of fashion with their designs seen on the likes of Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence and Perrie Edwards. Cara Delvigne ran a campaign with Topshop in 2014 and Beyonce signed a partnership with them in 2016. With over 150 stores across 24 countries, Topshop did something right to become omnipresent. So why is it, that they are facing major challenges and can we use digital technology to overcome them?

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Cara Delvigne For Topshops 2014 campaign. Image taken from:

Bad Publicity

The chairman of Arcadia Group, Sir Phillip Green, was once proclaimed as the ‘king of the high street’, however recently tarnished his legacy. The BHS pension scandal in 2015 contributed to this. Major allegations were also made against Green for sexual harassment and bullying of his staff in 2018. Beyonce cut ties with Topshop as a response. Articles related to the matter diffused rapidly and many people resented adding to Greens wealth. Although digital media has hindered his image, it could also be used to counteract bad news and depict great stories about Topshop to save their Reputation.


You’ve heard of ‘Nike’ haven't you? Of course you have. Its everywhere. Nikes renowned presence contributes to their title as the worlds leading sports brand with a whopping net worth of $34 billion! Alongisde their everlasting performance and simple yet effective designs, Nikes online communications are a catalyst to their success. Examples of these online communications are through their: Instagram, Website, Nike app, Email, use of Search Engine Optimisation and YouTube.


Nike capture the attention of their 122 million person instagram following through the use of celebrity endorsements. Footballing icon Cristiano Ronaldo signed a $1 billion life long contract with them; alongside world class basketballer Michael Jordan who also secured a $500,000-a-year for 5 years contract. As well as being affiliated with global megastars, Nike sponsor the worlds most prestigious football teams such as Barcelona, Madrid, Chelsea and Liverpool. If you buy Nike, you will resemble the traits of Jordan and Ronaldo, right? Well done Nike!


Moet Griffiths

2nd Year Psychology Undergraduate.

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